Set Schedules

Time is precious and addressing all your priorities can be challenging. Thinking about your schedule proactively and strategically can help—and is one of the first steps to successfully implement i-Ready. To create effective schedules:

For more information, review the additional tips and tools outlined below. Download this Kit: Set Schedules for a printer-friendly version.

In a hurry? Here are three key resources to help get you started:

Identify All Schedule Elements

Consider the instructional elements you must balance during your school day: whole class and small group instruction, Online Instruction, student engagement, and your own planning and monitoring. Also consider scheduled assessments, collaboration with colleagues, data use priorities, and other curriculum requirements. Identify all elements you want to incorporate.


Identify Resources

Identify resources available to you, such as technology, curricula and student materials, school and human resource supports, time, etc. If other educators also use these resources, collaborate to make a plan for sharing.


Determine how much time you have with students for daily and weekly instruction. Decide how much time you’ll allocate to whole class instruction, small group rotations, and i-Ready Online Instruction. Allow students to aim for 45 minutes of Online Instruction to stay in the recommended range of 30–49 minutes per subject each week.


Reflect and Refine

Reflect on what worked and what could be improved in your classroom schedule. Ensure students have enough time to meet instructional priorities, including Online Instruction usage goals. As you become more comfortable with planning and coordination, adjust your schedule to best meet your students’ needs.


Recommended Resources


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