Leading Your Implementation

Successful i-Ready implementations need organized, engaged, and reflective leadership. By outlining plans, goals, and actions for the year, you can energize students and staff around getting good data and achieving strong growth. To effectively lead your implementation:

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Engage Stakeholders and Communicate Vision and Goals

In order to foster buy-in among stakeholders and staff, it’s critical to first communicate the purpose and rationale for using i-Ready. Set and share goals for student growth and proficiency targets. Be sure to also share your school’s or district’s Online Instruction usage goals, including Lesson Time-on-Task and Percent of Lessons Passed. Communicate progress throughout the year and celebrate bright spots and best practices.


Establish Structures and Schedules

Ensure technology and account setup are in place to adequately support the use of i-Ready. Establish schoolwide schedules that incorporate all instructional priorities, including 45 minutes of i-Ready Online Instruction per subject each week. Designate clear owners and champions in this work and clarify their responsibilities.


Get Good Data

Be sure to communicate expectations for how educators should prepare students and proctor during the assessment. Create a strategic assessment plan and calendar that minimizes testing time. During administrations, actively manage the process by setting testing schedules and monitoring Diagnostic completion to ensure all students finish within a four-week window.


Use Data and Foster a Data-Driven Culture

Use data regularly to make decisions about resource allocation, student support, and general and program-specific instructional effectiveness. Engage leadership teams and teachers in data analysis, data chats, and instructional planning regularly. Revisit goals and celebrate progress with students and families through data chats and other schoolwide events.


Support Teachers in Planning and Delivering Differentiated Instruction

Based on your data, observations, and discussions with educators, determine what supports teachers need to fully leverage i-Ready for data-driven instruction. Establish an ongoing professional development plan for teachers and those who support them. Engage teachers in reflection, professional development, and collaborative planning time to help them deepen their practice.


Actively Monitor Progress and Adjust the Implementation

It’s important to regularly review implementation health and progress toward goals using assessment and Online Instruction data, observation, and collaborative discussion. Adjust programming, scheduling, and implementation activities as needed.


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