Get the Most from Online Instruction

The time between Diagnostics is when learning and growth happen. When used strategically, i-Ready can empower your teaching and help you support every student. Students are automatically placed into i-Ready Online Instruction at their zone of proximal development based on their Diagnostic results. While you do not need to do anything to create or place students in the lesson path, you play an essential part in students’ online learning. Implement the following practices to reap the benefits of Online Instruction and maximize the potential for learning.


Schedule Time

Research indicates students achieve greater gains with at least 30-49 minutes per subject per week of i‑Ready Online Instruction, but one of the most common challenges for achieving target i-Ready instructional usage levels is answering the question, “Where do I find the time?” Agreeing on a clear goal for students’ usage of Online Instruction in advance and establishing a plan for when and how students will regularly access i-Ready Instruction will help students achieve their targets.


Prepare Your Students

When students understand i-Ready Online Instruction and why they are working on lessons, they will be more engaged and motivated to do their best. When starting Online Instruction, introduce the program as a new learning tool, familiarize students with the experience, establish class routines, and set goals to get students off to a strong start.


Monitor and Plan

To monitor Online Instruction and make plans for further support, it is important to develop a routine of reviewing student lesson alerts, time on task, and percent of lessons passed. Each of these components can help you determine how much progress students are making and where potential intervention is needed.

Cheat Sheets, FAQs, and Tutorials:

Planning Resources:

Share Results and Engage Students

To further engage students in their learning during Online Instruction, teachers can provide opportunities to track progress, review their results, and celebrate classwide or individual successes.


Respond to Students' Needs

i-Ready Online Instruction helps to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of students. Instructional data can provide guidance for grouping students by common needs, addressing individual students’ underlying skill gaps, and providing strategic instruction or intervention on specific skills.


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