Get Good Data


You want to celebrate student growth, plan instruction, and differentiate student support. Using data can help accomplish this, but only if the data you have is reliable. The most important thing you can do to get accurate data is prepare students for the Diagnostic and motivate them to put forth their best effort. Check out the tips and tools below to help get good data on the Diagnostic!

To get good data:

For more information, review the additional tips and tools outlined below. Download this Kit: Get Good Data for a printer-friendly version.

In a hurry? Here are three key resources to help get you started:

Get Organized

Set or review your schedule, review accuracy of class roster(s), test technology students will use to take the Diagnostic, and gather paper and pencils for your students.


Prepare and Motivate Students

Explain the student Diagnostic experience and important test procedures, and motivate students to do their best.


Actively Proctor

Monitor and encourage students as they are testing, and watch for students who seem to be rushing and/or who are not trying their best.


Track Completion

Use the Diagnostic Status report to check for Rush alerts and ensure each student completes a Diagnostic before their test expires and within the Diagnostic Window.


Recommended Resources


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